Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Clean And Tidy Small Living Room Ideas

Small living room ideas are suitable for us who live in small areas and have small living room. Since the living room is one of the main parts of our house where the guess will see for the first time, we have to be able to create comfortable atmosphere there, even if our living room space is limited.

By having some small living room ideas, we can create a small living room which is clean, tidy, comfortable, and look wider. One of the smart ideas is the furniture selection and placement. We have to place the furniture in a place where there is no traffic, so that the furniture will not obstruct the traffic. We should not to also place furniture which is too bulky and big to save the floor space. We can choose furniture which is relatively small and has clean lines. We can have only the functional furniture there and place them against the living room’s walls to make the living room looks bigger. For the furniture color, it is better if we choose the solid-color rather than furniture with heavy patterns.

Furthermore, the small living room ideas also inspire us to apply the appropriate wall paint colors to our small living room. To make our small living room looks bigger, we can choose some light and neutral palette colors. When we opt for dark and solid colors, our small living room will looks like a cave. We can also paint the walls in different colors and add stripes there. If we have small living room, we can add horizontal stripes to make it wider. Then if we have a living room with low ceiling, we can add vertical stripes to make it higher. For the curtains, we can choose the light color with few or simple patterns. Then, we can hang them close to the ceiling or above our windows’ top frame.


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