Thursday, 13 November 2014

Various Types Of Coat Hanger

Coat hanger comes in various types and shapes we can opt for based on its functions and materials. The hanger can be made of any materials, including plastic, wood, and wire. The hanger also comes with satiny fabric or padding. Some of the hangers are also warped with knitted or crocheted covering which is functioned to protect our clothes.

Most of the coat hanger shapes are triangular with some modifications. The triangular apex is used as the top of the hanger where there is a rounded hook to hang the hanger. The wire hanger is the strongest and most durable one. We can use it indoor in our closets and wardrobes or outdoor when we need to air or dry the clothes.

The wooden coat hanger can be made of various woods. Those woods are usually lightweight and durable. If we live in moisture and damp area, we can also choose coat hanger which is made of cedar. The cedar hanger is fairly durable, since it is resistant to mildew, mold, and moisture. It also has unique scent which can minimize the odor of the clothes. Meanwhile, if we need more economical hanger, plastic hanger is the best option. This hanger is the most affordable than others.


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